It’s my round!

Shakespeare Stoke Newington

Well not exactly, but over the last four years, a hardy group of drinkers and I worked our way through around 1,000 pubs in London, based on Time Out’s 2005-6 book of Bars and Pubs in the capital.

It was a great way to find out about the whole of London, especially places where we would never have thought about going to, like Sydenham or Catford for instance.

This blog is the result of that tour, with reviews which are very much my own honest opinion, of the pubs and bars we have been to. There has been everything from £17 cocktails at the Ritz to £2 pints at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. That’s what makes London so exceptional as a place to enjoy the power and beauty of alcohol.

Now, our mission is your resource, so find the ideal pub for you, whether you’re looking for a day’s drinking in one part of London, or a pub with particular features, search and enjoy.


Pete Le Riche


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